Oberstdorf-KleinwalsertalThe ski area extends over 2 countries and allows skiers departures both in Germany and in Austria. Here Oberstdorf counts with the local mountain Nebelhorn (2,224 m) and the Fellhorn (2,038 m) to Germany and the Kleinwalstertal with the Kanzelwand (2,058 m) to Austria. Overall, the ski resort offers 130 kilometres of pistes of driving pleasure.

The Ski holiday in the winter months is one of the most important and popular holiday types of the Germans. Although it is a bit expensive, but who once ventured into the adventure of winter sports, will not want to miss it anymore. Endless descents through sparkling snowy landscapes, icy cold that freeze the nose hairs while breathing, in white suited trees and mountain peaks and, yes, that is unfortunately part of skiing, burning pain in the muscles and joints.

During the day, it goes onto the slopes, which stretch across the mountains or lead like winding paths through forests. In the so-called "Skipilzen", exhausted winter sports enthusiasts can settle down and enjoy a drink or two before warming up and full of energy to go on further downhill runs. The Skipilze can often be found near restaurants and huts or in the valley near the ski lifts. For lunch, the often traditionally built wooden huts invite for a break. National dishes and drinks provide the necessary refreshment and well-placed sun loungers on terraces and snow hills invite you to sunbathe. But be careful, the sun is not to be underestimated! Some huts have become famous, thanks to their characteristic hosts, and attract countless winter tourists every season. Such as. "Siggis Hütte" on the Willinger Ettelsberg.  Cult status here have the homemade pea soup in the glass and the burning „Hüttengeist“. For entertaining the host Siggi provides with its homemade „Schleudertrompete“(a self-built trumpet) or the „Alphorn“ (brass instrument with a very long pipe). In the evening, discos or ice bars invite you to après ski. Variety and relaxation also offer the numerous wellness offers of the hotels.

There are slopes for every level of difficulty in every ski area, ski schools for beginners and advanced skiers as well as the possibility to rent complete ski and snowboard equipment. Ski lessons for children are particularly popular, where even the little ones can learn their first steps on skis with lots of fun and games. If you still want to buy your own ski gear, you should go bargain hunting in the summer months. After the end of the season you can buy ski and snowboard equipment at reasonable prices in the large sports shops.

Although many Germans drive to Austria and Switzerland for skiing, Germany also has a lot to offer. The best ski resorts can be found in our overview.