Easter BunnyYoung and old are looking forward to the Easter bunny and his little presents. He is considered the symbolic animal for Easter.

When after the long gray and cold winter days, the first flower buds sprout from the ground, the trees shine in their colorful leaves and the gentle, fragrant breeze blows past our noses, then we know that spring has awakened. And spring is accompanied by the ever-popular Easter season.

Many people enjoy the days off with "Easter Walks" in nature. In the front gardens and parks can often be found at this time colorfully decorated Easter bouquets. Birch twigs or hazel bushes, with the first tender green buds are hung with brightly painted (outdated) eggs and give the Easter season a joyful atmosphere. On Easter Sunday or Monday, the "Easter fire" can usually be admired. Symbolically, all the remnants of winter and the associated bad feelings are burned.

A high priority at Easter in Germany has the Easter Bunny. He hides gifts, chocolates and colorful eggs for his little and older children, which have been dyed in a decent manner before.Then it goes out into nature, because the well-hidden gifts also want to be found. The so-called "Easter egg hunt" represents a long-standing tradition in German families and is re-celebrated each year with much joy. As well as the ever-popular "Eierkitschen", in which each player selects a hard-boiled egg. In a row, the egg tips are now being hit. The winner is the one whose egg remains intact in the end. But why a rabbit? An old legend says that the German goddess of spring Ostara-Eostre found a wounded bird in the winter time. To save him, she turned him into a rabbit and gave him the ability to lay eggs. In gratitude for his benefactor, the rabbit decorated his eggs and offered them anew every year the goddess of spring. The tradition of the Easter Bunny finds its origin in Germany. What many may not know is that the Easter Bunny in Ostereistedt in Lower Saxony has its own official address. Here, the kind children can send letters, which are then lovingly answered by the assistant of the Easter Bunny, Mr. Hans-Hermann Dunker.

The jomizu team wishes you happy Easter holidays and many colorful eggs!